How to Prevent Data Loss in Cloud Computing


I don’t believe there is anybody who will be rejoicing over the loss of any valuable data. While cloud computing can help to reduce the rate of loss of information due to hard disk crash or flash disk corrupt, vital information can also disappear like a flash if the principles of preventing data loss in cloud computing is not properly applied, or not even applied at all.

Below are some appropriate practices that can guide you on how to prevent data lost in cloud computing. I’m doing this because I sincerely don’t want your friend to know I warned you, but you did not take note.

Take Note:

  • Carry out regular data backup.There’s nothing wrong with having the same data stored in different locations. I also don’t want to see your data vanished to an unknown place.

If your password can be guess by even the low-brainperson ever, then its time you start usinghard-to-guess passwords. And always change your password immediately after using another computer. For example, a computer from a café. Your password should be mixed with alphanumericand symbols.StrongPasswordGenerator is one of the best places you can generate a complex password. Also, do not disclose your password to anybody.

  • Keep computers in harmless, dry and dust-free areas. Low-traffic locations also eliminate physical spoil computers.
  • Have a generator or battery back-up system. Large power flow can destroy computer device, but even moderate low-level bursts of energy can destroy the data on hard drives. Uninterrupted power supplies has been useful tocloud computing business  in the sense that it gives protection during lightning and electrical storms so records can be saved or backed up during an outage.
  • There are also a great number of software programs that can be installed to detect impending problems inside hard drives. Frequent use of them can save you the cost of a lot of damages.
  • Use the “undo” feature. Many installation and analytic programs offer undo disks that can restore systems to their original configuration settings if things go wrong. The only best you can do for yourself here is to take advantage of this feature.
  • In this scenario, the useof an Anti-virusprogramcannot be left out. Use a virus-detection program and ensure they are frequently updated. Viruses may not be as rampant as the news media makes them seem, however, they do exist and they can act as a threat to data.

Computers may be smarter and hard-working than humans, but they cannot be up and strong for as long as humans can be.

They can breakdown leaving you wondering. Time spent on learning how to prevent data loss in cloud computingcan help you recover data worth thousands of dollars in feature.

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