How to Prevent Yourself Identity Theft


Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft

How will you react if you have just concluded a call from your bank demanding a payment of a loan that somebody has taken using your name? I am well convinced you will be troubled until you are able to trash out the issue.

The burn may still be in your mouth even after knocking out the issue.

Honestly, identity theft plays a very dicey game with one’s credit status.

Audit will definitely cost you countless time and outrageous money to re-establish your good name.

Why not let me teach you know how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Protect Your Credit/Debit Card Pin

credit cards pin showing

Bam! This is one of the thin mistakes you can make and before you realize, you have fallen into the hands of identity thieves.

To prove your intelligence to identity thieves, do not think of writing your credit/debit card pin on a slip of paper kept in your wallet.

Protect Your Social Security Card Pin

social security pin number

I do not think cramming 16 digits would cause any harm.

The best way to help yourself with this is to cram your social security pin instead of carrying it about in your wallet.

And don’t disclose your pin to any website you do not trust.

Collect Mail Promptly

woman collecting parcel from post office

Instruct the post office to never give your mail to anyone but you or a third party person you have instructed them to give it to on your behalf. If you live alone, ask them to place your mail on hold till you will be available to receive it. That is it!

Beware of Shoulder Surfers

shoulder surfing

Always use your free hand to cover the keypad when making use of ATMs and pay phones. You also have the right to ask the person behind you to excuse you if you notice that the person keep coming close to you.Humbly exercise your right and protect your identity.

Store your Receipts

store receipt

You are free to require for carbons and copy of erroneous charges. Compare receipts with account statements immediately and be alert of occurrence of transactions you know you did not do.

Store Personal Information

Store Personal Information.

Store your personal information in a protected place at home. I would have also advised you to store your personal information at the work place. Don’t be messy about where you store your personal information.

Is Your Firewall Software Active?

firewall software

Install firewall and virus detection software on your computer.

This is another way internet thieves uses to steal people’s information online.

Though firewalls cannot fully protect you but it is part of the ‘the list’ as far as safety is concern.

Perform Periodical and Thorough Check on Your Credit Report

Am I supposed to still bother about this? Yes. In the case of property safety, ‘I’m quite busy’ gives space and ‘security’ comes in.

Performing thorough check on your credit report once or twice a year matters a lot.

Knowing how to prevent yourself from identity theft first begins with knowing how to protect your confidential data and properties.

If perhaps you were once victim to identify theft, please share with others how you followed up with your case and the response you got from the authorities you have reported to.

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