What Is Computer ?

What is a  Computer?

A Computer(PC) is an electronic gadget that controls data, or information. It can store, recover, and handle information. You may definitely realize that you can utilize a PC to sort reports, send email, play diversions, and peruse the Web. You can likewise utilize it to alter or make spreadsheets, presentations, and even recordings.


The contrast among Hardware and Software

Before we discuss diverse sorts of PCs, we should discuss two things all PCs have in like manner: equipment and programming.

Hardware is any piece of your PC that has a physical structure, for example, the console or mouse. It additionally incorporates the majority of the PC’s inward parts,


Software is any arrangement of guidelines that advises the equipment what to do and how to do it. Cases of programming incorporate web programs, recreations, and word processors.


All that you do on your PC will depend on both equipment and programming. For instance, at this moment you might see this lesson in a web program (programming) and utilizing your mouse (equipment) to click from page to page. As you find out about various sorts of PCs, get some information about the distinctions in their equipment. As you advance through this instructional exercise, you’ll see that distinctive sorts of PCs likewise regularly utilize diverse sorts of programming.


What are the distinctive sorts of PCs? At the point when a great many people hear the word PC, they think about a PC, for example, a desktop or portable PC. Be that as it may, PCs come in numerous shapes and sizes, and they perform various capacities in our day by day lives. When you pull back money from an ATM, examine basic supplies at the store, or utilize a number cruncher, you’re utilizing a kind of PC.


Desktop PCs ;Numerous individuals use desktop PCs at work, home, and school. Desktop PCs are intended to be set on a work area, and they’re ordinarily comprised of a couple of various parts, including the PC case, screen, console, and mouse.


Laptop computer;The second kind of PC you might be acquainted with is a laptop, called a portable PC. laptops are battery-controlled PCs that are more convenient than desktops, permitting you to utilize them anyplace.

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