Designing your website

Designing your website can be easy

Website deigning is very good idea and it just great if you have the skills to build a website for people or yourself. People have to learn how to code a website before getting it running before the completion of a website; one would have spent a lot of time and resources.
We are thankful to generous people you have been blessed with a website programming talent and have come up with open-source website software’s that makes it easy for novice in website designing to create a website with just a click through and following a wizard .
www.wix .com is one of the website that offers free website for all kinds of websites you can think of.
they have over 100 of templates you can Choose from a enormous collection of designer-made templates.
later on if you are done with your website and you want to get your Own Domain you can buy from them or register a domain from and domain hosting companies like , etc.
this gives your website a superb custom domain. Just by simple Drag and Drop,Expressionengine etc.
transform, customize and add anything to your site – no code needed, in fact they are very good with just a little knowledge and coaching you can get your website up without paying for people to do it for you.
Download a tutorial on below.



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