Sumsung Galaxy Note7

Once you are regularly linked to your cell phone building faultless transitions connecting work and play, you require a phone that is large enough to deal with it all. So Samsung has designed the Galaxy Note7 to think as big as you do. Intended for you to get what you really need out of life the way you desire.


aem_kv_blueHaving in mind the Galaxy Note from every walk of life. A dual-curved display so you can do a lot with, better and faster. A curved back so you can hold the 5.7-inch Note comfortably in the hand while with the S Pen. And long-lasting with the legacy of other earlier Galaxy phones, Sumsung made the Galaxy Note7 water resistant. This time not just the device, but also the S Pen. So you can send your phone anywhere you go.


When you are always on the go, it is sometimes hard to get the right time and place to relax. That is why the Galaxy Note7  is made of  ultimate entertainment device, giving you access to the most realistic HDR videos and the most visually intense games.

Samsung changed the S Pen in the way it writes, the way it works and the mode it thinks. To write similar to a normal pen because you use it to take notes, to draft out ideas. To work devoid of disturbing about it getting soaked because you on no account you will know when inspiration might strike. To speak multiple languages so you do not have to, and to be in touch in other ways when words just are not enough.



Protecting your information private and protection has always been a great concern. It has a most foolproof that keep information accessible only to you—iris scanning. Not only is it one of the safest ways to keep the Galaxy Note7 and the data it holds secure from prying eyes, it’s also one of the most convenient.

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Image on screen of Galaxy Note7

Occasionally the moment is planned, at times it just occurs. by means of the Galaxy Note7, you get time after time good photos whatever the scenario. Its camera easily handles the most complex challenges, from a lack of light to unexpected movement. It’s because the Dual Pixel Sensor mechanism has a brighter F1.7 lens and better 1.4µm pixels to take images the way your own eyes do.


More room
for everything

Having an adequate amount of space is significant when you have so a lot of files, videos and photos. The Galaxy Note7 internal storage space that starts at 64GB and also have expandable memory that can handle up to 256GB via microSD card.





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