How to Combine Freelancing With Full-Time Job


Combining freelancing with your full-time job is far from fun, it goes beyond the ordinary stress of everyday work.

However, what else can you do if your full-time job isn’t capable of taking care of your monthly expenses and there seem to be some free time for you to do something meaningful, the best thing to do is combining freelancing with your full-time job.

Why combining freelancing with a full-time job may be hurtful

Workload is often one reason why combining freelancing with full-time job may be hurtful since due to economic pressures, some employers demand that employers work longer hours, more often for little cash.

But working as a freelancer while you have a full-time job will not only help support your monthly expenses, you willbe happy with how much you have left in your pocket, and it will also help upgrade your expertise. Time to upgrade your CV or what do you think?

The reality

Before venturing into the freelance world, you might have to ask yourself couple of questions.

Like why you want to go into it, does your present predicament allows it and also if you can cope.

In the pursuit of more source of income and skillsimprovement, some try to give up all their life to work while their present predicament doesn’t permit it.

To the response of these questions, if your answer is positive, welcome to the freelance world.

Start accepting freelance projects you can do in your spare time.But before you do, remember we have not discussed how you can firmly get going.

The way out

From experience, combining freelancing with your full-time job is just another step of dealing withmore accountabilities.

First, you will soon find out you have another puzzle to solve which is how to tackle the issues that might arise with meeting deadlinesand time management for both your job and your freelance career.

At a point like this, solution strategy may seem impossible if the situations are outside your control.

Nevertheless, consider the following steps. You may realize you have more options than you think.

Gauge Your Time

Time is very expensive and each one spent is gone forever.

What most of us still find very difficult to distribute wisely is time.

Gauging your time will help you produce your best to your managers and clients thereby improving your productivity.

And these are the two things that are likely to bring snags if you don’t know how to gauge your time.

While you aretrying to combine freelancing with your present job and you are afraid you don’t want to hear that word: you are fired”then, you will have to learn how to gauge and dispense your time wisely.

Create a time plan and act on it.

You may reason, “I cannot switch job or work less; I need the income!” that’s right, everyone needs income, but proper time management is what will do justice to it.

Communicate Through Emails

To help achievethe required time foryour freelance projects and full-time job, you have to simplify your communication method.

In doing this, your clients and managers pictured you as a ‘guru in his/her field’plusyou will have references to your communication thread.

If your clients decide communication should be mobile, discuss the need for communicating through emails with them.

A hint? It’s one efficient and less time consuming means of communication for busy employees.

Learn When to Say No To Work

Possibly, you efficiency may open doors for more projects, and you may find it tempting to decline these projects, the only solution is to learn when to say no to work.

It is tempting but accepting any project that comes your way without second taught is not a wise idea either.

You have to be realistic. Learning when to say no to work will help you decline the projects that you think might put your present job on the line.

Besides you have the right to say no to a job offer but it’s recommended you use anticipation and be realistic.

Remember that predictions for getting more job often results true while you are still employed.

Reduce Distractions

If you just can’t avoid responding to distracting things like notifications on social networking websites, messages, pinging and picking up phone lines every minute, it is clear that putting in your best in the job is far from a reality.

Social networking sites and apps have made it possible to let people know your current state by setting your status and controlling notifications.

I recommend you start utilizing those features right now.

Setting your status to “Busy” and turning off notifications will help put distraction to the least. Let people around you know your working hours and your free times.

If the reason for calling you is less important, they can wait till you are free from work.

We are wrapping up

From the above solution, do you think you can really combine freelancing with your full-time job? You can try it out.

To me, the answer to whether you can combine freelancing job with full-time job is humbly yes.

Also, you can comment below to let others know how you are handling freelancing and a full-time job.

Important:trying to earn more income should not also put your family relationship on the horizon. You need todraw the line when it comes to your family relationship and work.

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