5 Gadgets That Track Your Fitness Stats

Gadgets That Track Your Fitness Stats

Fitness Stats; It is very important to exercise often and also to know the state of our health. More often we try to visit the hospitals and clinics or our personal doctors to check up our system functions.

Technology has come up with a new way of checking and tracking the state of our health.

This is by developing gadgets that track our fitness stats. Below are a few among the uncountable health stats tracking gadgets to prevent us from overworking out. I know you must have your pick once you have finished checking them out.

#1: The Basic Peak Tracker

 track fitness

The Basic Peak Tracker is a fantastic fitness tracking gadget that is worn on the wrist like a wristwatch.

This device tracks most of the wearer’s activities like running, swimming, etc. It’s water-resistant and comes with a technology that makes it record your heart rate.

The basic peak tracker is also very accurate with its results. Similar fitness stats gadgets might beat this gadget hands down.

Why? It has no GPS to allow you to check your location or distance, but it worth giving it try. It can teach you how to control your balance.

#2: Plus O2 Fitness Tracker

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This is another stunning gadget for tracking your fitness stats. It has been specially designed by the Withings company to track the wearer’s daily activities such as walking, elevation changes, to name a few.

Believe me, Plus 02 has advanced ahead of all its predecessors by how it measures one’s blood oxygen levels.

It is worn around the waist and has a screen touch function to make it smooth.

Apart from using the PLUS O2 to track your fitness stats, you are not shit out of luck in terms of having the same gadget helping you improve your health. How much longer do you want to wait before you get one for yourself?

#3: Fitbit Charge Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

Another powerful gadget that can help us track our fitness stats is the Fitbit charge tracking gadget.

It is also worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. Just like The Basic Peak Tracker.

And very comfortable to wear it is. Fitbit ultimately stands tall among the other trackers due to the fact that it does not only track your activities but it also tracks your distance and displays your incoming calls on its great small screen.

Just go for the Fitbit charge health stat tracker for a cool $130, if you have the aim of tracking your heartbeat.

#4: Jawbone Up

jawbone fitness device

Do you want to track the hours you slept last night apart from tracking your daily activities, then I recommend to you the Jawbone Up.

What it can do? Huh, a lot! This amazing health stat tracker tracks your steps, distance and calories burnt as well as hours slept.

It goes for just $49.95. One interesting thing about Jawbone Up is its ability to remind you of a goal you have set to achieve. This fitness stat tracker is pretty unique in all its forms.

#5: The Moov Health Tracker

moove multi fitness

It’s quite unfortunate the Moov doesn’t have a screen to display its details to you.

To know the steps taken, calories burnt, movements made and other happenings, connect it to a headphone and listen to the instructions on your progress and how to improve your stature. It can be worn on the wrist or the ankle.

Since Moov health tracker has no screen, you can view your stats on your smartphone or even on your tablet.

If you are not interested in tracking your sleep, then go for the Moov at just $79.95.

Your Pick

Bam! After your pick from the above 5 gadgets, you won’t need to go frequently to the hospital to check your fitness stat anymore.

Although doing that once in a while is not bad.

Is there any other fitness stats tracking gadgets you are using apart from the above-mentioned gadgets? Please share it with others too.

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