10 Cool Stuff To Buy For Under $25


What on earth can I buy with $25? This is a question most people ask themselves whenever they realize they are low on budget. Well, let us go to the mall or supermarket, or even browse through online stores to see the stuff we can buy for under $25. We will realize our little $25 can cater for nice stuffs. But I don’t want to stress you out. Let me do the shopping and share some of these things I found personally with you. It’s good to share, you know.

Yes! Below are 10 cool stuffs you can buy for under $25 that I have found for you.

#1: Solar Charger For Mobile Devices


I love visiting the beach, both on public days and on my days of rest. I know you do too. Me being a part time blogger, I always need to be at a serene place to have maximum concentration on whatever I am writing. This compels me to do most of my writing at the beach, in the bush, in isolated places, anywhere I found comfortable. However, in such places, there is no power supply. I find it difficult to charge mysmartphone, until I came across this powerful solar charger. I can charge my phone and even my laptop and keep myself on the go. This solar battery charger is best for me and is just pretty cool for $24.99.

#2:Remote Control Toy Aircraft

Your son wants to be a pilot, right? The best toy to buy for your son for that purpose is a remote controlled toy aircraft. This will give your son a sense of understanding on how the plane flies through torrents of the wind, what to do and when to land the plane when needed. It’s fun and educative. Imagine how interesting it’s going to be for a man or woman as you flying an aircraft on a rainy day fighting against the strong wind. This toy aircraft goes for just $25.00.

 #3: Sun Glasses

by amazon sun glass

I love having sun bath with my sisters, how much is it going to cost me to get 5 sun glasses for me and my sisters as $20.00 can cover each. Is it not fun wearing your sun glasses for fashion whiles protecting your precious eyes from the sun’s harmful rays? These also come in different shapes, sizes, shades and designs.

#4: Light LED Safety Belt

cheaper safety belt

The light LED safety belt is a very great safety gadget, which is mostly recommended for sports professionals and construction workers.The safety belt is worn on the waist and at night, the lights are on to signal any approaching vehicle from afar. Do you want it? Buy it for $10 at Alibaba.com.

#5:  T-Shirt From Once Upon A Tee

T-Shirt-From-Once-Upon- alibaba

Once Upon a Tee showcases new designer T-Shirts on weekly bases, do you need a new T-Shirt for your son or daughter or even for your weekend party, Rush for your T-Shirt for just $12.00. Just visit www.onceuponatee.com and choose from a variety designs, colours, sizes, styles, texture and more.  Make your pick at such a low price and show yourself to the world of fashion.

#6:Bubble Calendar

Bubble-Calendar- free

Pop a bubble, pop a bubble, have fun while you check your dates. This calendar is fun to have by popping a bubble to view the date all year round. Get it at uncommongoods.com for $20.00. only. It is a calender designed with plastic like material on each of the numbers and has been made in such a way that popping it is fun.

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#7: Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet


With just $15.99 you can fry all your eggs, plantain, chicken with this Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet. This skillet is made up of a strong material of cast iron and is very durable.

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#8: Swiss Army Knife

Swiss-Army-Knife cheaper

Are you a hiker or just a fan of knives, look nowhere than swissknifeshop.com where you will get this Swiss army knife for $15.99. This knife originated from Swiss. It contains a knife, scissors and a jacket opener, serving multiple functions.

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#9:Universal Joint Drive Shafts


Are the shaft in your farming tractor rust off? Do you need to replace them? Then head straight to Alibaba.com where you can get these universal joint drive shafts /Agricultural mechanism tractor conduction drive shaft with CE certificate only for US $25.00 per Piece.

 #10: OEM/ODM 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil, aromatherapy gift


Do you want very good skin care products without side effects, then come for this OEM/ODM 100% Natural Pure Essential Oil,aromatherapy gift for just US $5-13 for a set, very cheap.

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These are just but a few stuff you can buy for under $25.00. Choose your pick from the varieties. You can make your personal shopping and give us more feedback of your findings.

But before you proceed with the shopping, I want you The Dangers of Shopping Online because I want to teach you how to protect yourself from internet shopping scams.

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