To Sell Your Items Online Use These Sites

Your house is filled of things that are worth money! If you are looking to part with some of your old things, it’s easy to sell your stuff online for cash.  And do not need to worry about the place to sell your used items, here are some great sites.

For most sites all you have to do is type in a books ISBN to be given a quote, ship your books for free, and get payment after your delivery is received and processed.


buy and sell

Gives  you  the chance to sell, buy, as well as  rent textbooks.


books scouter

list offers from more than 30 buyback vendors who possibly will be interested in your second-hand books and textbooks.  Adding together to the payment offer, BookScouter gives ratings for each vendor to help you decide. When you get an offer and vendor you like, hit on the link to finish the selling procedure.

Barnes & Noble 

barnes & noble buy and sell books

only purchase books mailed from the U.S.A. You have to get not less than $10 value of books to sell, and you can decide to be paid by check or PayPal.



purchase academic textbooks mainly, but occasionally purchase other books. You receive paid by check or PayPal.


payment modes includes check, direct deposit, or in-store credit. In addition they have buy-back arrangement; eCampus gives a marketplace where you can also sell your own books, note that they will take 15% of the fees charge for each item.

Sell Your Clothing Online


tredup sales

Accepts new ladies and children’s clothing. One needs account as it is necessary prior to accessing the website, you can use your Facebook or Amazon account. All you need is to just fill a provided bag with the clothes you desire to sell.

thredUP will give  you  money which is a percentage of the expected selling price for the items, either instantly with thredUP credit or 14 days afterward through PayPal or by  a Visa prepaid card. Some of your items might be taken as consignment items, and you will receive a special pay percentage.


Tradesy store cheap goods

Provides you the chance to list designer bags, accessories, shoes, clothing, as well as wedding items for trade. Tradesy will recommend a cost for you and send you a free shipping kit with box and label. Tradesy will take commission for sales you make. You can decide what to do with your earnings whether to shop on Tradesy, or opt payment by PayPal, cheque, or debit card.

Sell Your Cell Phones/Devices/Electronics Online



will provide you  with a free offer on your electronic gadgets. They will inspect, certify, and resell the electronics received thus iPhones, cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, and Apple computers. when you ship your item, it’s for free  Gazelle, and get pays you through cheque, gift card, and PayPal.


Selling webiste

Act as a middle man for listing qualified buyers. You receive immediate offers, pre-paid shipping kit for your cell phone, iPods, tablets, game consoles, video games, and textbooks. The general rule is that buyer makes payment in five business days when the item is received, and then you also receive your payment via check or PayPal.


Swappa  goods for cash

Gives you the opportunity to set up a listing for free with pictures for your iPhone, Smartphone and tablet. You will get payment by PayPal, and the amazing thing according to Swappa is that, first-time sellers get payment before their items is shipped.


 NextWorth stores

offers immediate quote based on your description, and they will give more if they find the item to be in better state upon inspection. The company also offers a free UPS shipping, label and insurance. NextWorth will clean private information on your device for you if any. They make payments via PayPal or cheque.


glyde buying and selling

Collects iPads, Smartphone’s, tablets, and video games. Transmit your income to your bank account, bitcoin, or mail you your cheque.

Sell Various Items Online

Amazon Trade-In


Offers you the chance to sell your items to Amazon and then you get paid y with Amazon gift card. They accept  different kinds of items these includes tablets, phones, cameras, books, video games, MP3 players, DVDs, Blue-Rays, CDs, and more.


letgo coupon Raises

is an app that lets you sell your used things locally in the U.S.A. There are no fees, and you are responsible for creating the listings, dealing with buyer, and receiving of item buy the buyer. The item categories include fashion and accessories, home and garden, electronics, even cars and motors, plus more!

There are other ways to sell your stuff online. I hope to add more sites later.

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