What Are The Website That Pays For Testing: 11+ sites that pay you to test

Sites that pay you to test

11+ sites that pay you to test. Should you wish to get paid to test web sites and applications, you have got to be a computer genius. Could this be true?

That’s what many men and women think however it is actually not true in any way. 

In fact, getting paid to test sites is pretty much just like the upgraded version of filling out surveys for cash. Nevertheless, instead of answering inquiries about products in surveys, you’ll be helping with the functionality, usability, and design of an internet site or application. 

Basically, you’ll be reducing the web bug, more functional, better, while making money at the same time! 

What Does a Website/User Tester Do? 
The obvious answer here is that you test web sites, but what does this mean? 

Well, you’ll really be doing a range of different things: 

Most commonly, you’ll be what is known as an individual tester. As an individual tester, you test the internet site or application functionality. You just use the site/application as a normal user would, making certain the user experience is a good one. 

More often than not these “consumer tests” may ask you to capture your screen and voice so that you could voice your opinions and give comments as you move. 

The more complex user testing jobs on this listing will need you to be a bug tester. As a bug tester, you’re basically attempting to make the web site or application that you’re testing break. You’re looking for flaws that are technical regarding software. 

Once you find a problem, you report it to the developer and get rewarded. That might sound easy, but bugs are rather tricky to discover. It needs patience and understanding. 

Want to Start Testing Websites Online?
Here is everything you might have to get started testing web sites and applications on-line! 

A computer keyboard, and mouse 
Connection to the internet 
A mic (not necessarily required) (here is what I use) 
A webcam (not necessarily required) (here is one) 
You also need to be capable to speak and write English because most tests will need it. 

My Expertise Testing Websites for Money 
I got my first paid web testing job out of User Testing on Feb 27th (got paid $10) and since then have done five more tests earning $60 at the bank! For a month this isn’t a ton of cash earned but that doesn’t matter it was entertaining and it took me less than 2 hours to make that $60. 
You see, there’s only one downside to the web testing facet hustle: 

It’s not a full-time gig. 

As you’ll find below there are many people who manage to make full-time income testing web sites, but they’re the 1 percent. 
For the other 99% of us, this is a negative hustle to make a little extra money each month. You can use the money to repay debt, save up for a video game, you will do whatever you want with this!

If you simply make an additional $50 per month, that is $600 in the bank each year. Can’t We Earn More? Since there are far more testers than clients, you cannot expect to get a couple of tests every day. You may qualify for one test per month or you may qualify for fifty, it is impossible to predict. But there are a couple of ways to raise your odds of making more money: Sign up for as many websites as you can – The more sites you are on the more job opportunities you will see. Have a tester rating – Many sites on this listing have evaluations for all of their testers. 

In case your rating is high, you will get delivered jobs. Make certain you’re providing quality comments and following the recommendations of the tester on each site. In case the site you are on has free classes and training available, make the most also have a section like. Most sites will probably also have sections to make you a great tester, or even something to ensure you become a better tester.

Get Paid to Test Websites and Applications With These Sites. User Testing is among the better-known web sites that let users test websites. The very first thing you’ve got to begin doing paid tests is that you will become reviewed for these tests you make to raise your status as a professional tester. 

You will receive invitations on your dashboard as well as message to keep your breath
Following start receiving paid tests on your dashboard you will test to see if you qualify. You will have to take a critical look at each test to see if you qualify and have an upper hand on the test. I receive about 1-2 tests a week I actually qualify for, which means you may expect the same. For each of that test, you get paid through PayPal. They’ve tested for Smartphone’s tablets and desktops users. 

Occasionally you will need to participate in a live test where you speak to a client live while testing a site. These tests usually pay $30 per thirty minutes.

Tip: Leave the User Testing panel open at all times since most testing jobs go to the panel first.


utest jobs-testing-apps

UTest is somewhat overwhelming at first because of its layout, but don’t worry everything will begin making sense after you devote a little time on it and find out the layout everything will start making sense. Make use of their help desk. Never give because it has tons of earning potential.

I say this since there are users earning a full-time income ($3,000/mo+) with UTest. Now this clearly will not happen rapidly and it will not be easy yet it’s proof that it’s possible if you put the work in. 

Therefore, what you’ll be doing on UTest will be looking for bugs in a piece of software. This varies for each test cycle, but you may expect $5 per bug on average. 

Nevertheless, whenever you register don’t expect to be getting paid jobs in your inbox right away, you may be waiting up to 2 weeks only to get your Sandbox test, that is a practice test you need to complete before receiving paid jobs. You’ll then need to grow your score gradually to get more test invites. 

There’s a ton of useful and free information on UTest so be sure to look around at the forums and courses for that. 


whatusersdo-apps testing software-testing -website

WhatUsersDo has a simple process between downloading their screen recorder and taking a practice test. That’s it. 

Once you’re signed up you’ll begin receiving 3-5 tests per month through email. If you finish your tests really well and offer feedback you’ll be provided tests per month. 

Each test you take will probably cover $5 (which is lower than many testing sites) through PayPal on the 25th of every month. 

WhatUsersDo additionally conducts quarterly competitions and exclusive offers which are distinctive. 


UserTest-tesing-app-testing-jobs  software-testing -website

UserTest is another great way to make cash, it cool because you don’t actually need a password to register, just your email. How nifty. 

You’ll get paid $10 for each test done on UserTest and payment will be sent within 2 days of completing a test. 

If you get accepted to this site you ought to think about yourself lucky because they’re an invite-only site and accept 5 percent of submissions! You’ll get access to some exclusive tests if you’re accepted. 


Enroll-apps-testing-jobs  software-testing -website

No mic required 
Enroll differs from most the other sites on this list because it doesn’t demand a webcam or mic to document your tests. The tests on Enroll contain simple tasks, asking you to compare two WebPages or click somewhere on a web page. You may take these tests on almost any device, mobile, desktop or tablet. 

This makes the tests a lot simpler to take however it means they pay less. There’s no exact number but most tests cover anyplace from $0.10 to $1.50. Oh, you get some cool badges whenever you finish tests that are a fun addition. 

Presently, 367,688 tests have been taken on Enroll, which implies they’ve paid thousands of dollars to their customers! 


UserFeel-apps-testing-jobs online  software-testing -website

On UserFeel each test will probably take you around 10-20 minutes and cover $10. You will take the tests on your computer or smartphone.

You’ll have to take a qualification test (what’s new) and you need to check out their tester FAQ because they’ve lots of useful advice to assist you to become a better tester. 


TestingTime-apps-jobs-testing-remote-jobs software-testing -website

TestingTime conducts longer tests over Skype which will record your voice and face, so be sure you’re familiar with this before you apply. 

Each test session lasts 30-90 minutes on average and the cover can reach as large as $50! You’ll be paid out in 5-10 days through PayPal whenever you finish a test. 


Userzoom-testing-apps-jobs  software-testing -website

UserZoom supplies users with the speak out loud screen recorded tests AND standard survey tests. It is the best of all worlds. And you’ve to take a sample test before you can start getting paid, you also have to be 18 or older. 

Most of their tests last 10-20 minutes with the recorded tests paying $10 on average and also the easier survey tests paying $5 on average. 

Once you take a test and the results are approved (takes 3-5 days) you’ll be paid through PayPal within 21 business days. 


Validately -earn-money-by-testing-apps  software-testing -website

Validately is a dashboard which delivers talk loud tests moderating live tests. 

The talk loudly tests usually takes around five minutes to complete and pay $5-10 which is perfect for only five minutes or work. The moderated live tests call for a webcam and cover a minimum of $25 for half an hour. 

I tried applying for Validately nevertheless it says my device is incompatible even though I’m on Window 8.1, therefore this may be a bug. 


user-testing website  software-testing -website

No mic required 
StartUpLift is another user-testing website that doesn’t demand a mic or screen recorder. 

Instead, all you do is head to a website, finish some tasks and following that provide a useful written response. In case your response is approved for being top quality, then you’ll get paid $5. 

When you’ve at least $5, then you’ll get paid through PayPal on the coming Monday. 


mobile-testing-app-job  software-testing -website

TryMyUI asserts you’ll obtain a few tests per week which take around 20 minutes and pay $10 each. These tests will record your screen and voice and most require a written response in the end as well. 

Each test you submit will be reviewed and once approved payment is routed through PayPal. 


 Userlytics-apps-testing-jobs  software-testing -website

Userlytics brings nothing new to the table: 

Web and mobile application testing 
Microphone required 
$10 payout each test 
Each Friday, payments sent through PayPal 
Its income, though it’s nothing new. 


Usercrowd  software-testing -website

(Formerly Usability Hub) 
No mic required 
UserCrowd tests are easy, less than minute-long tests that cover 10 cents each out.

The test tasks will probably be things such as clicking on somewhere on a website, answering a question, browsing a website, etc. Easy stuff you can complete in seconds once you get the hang of it. Bust out 10 of those tests each day and you’re making $365 extra every year. 

Sadly you likely will not get 10 tests a day, but it doesn’t mean you should not sign up. Even when you only make an extra $50/year it may be worth the time. 

Once more cash out is via PayPal and you must have at least 100 credits ($10). 


UberTesters-apps-testing job  software-testing -website

UberTesters is about testing applications — no internet site testing here! 

Everything you need if you wish to join is a tablet computer or smartphone, and then just follows the sign-up process. Do note that some experience can be required. 


Loop11-testing apps  software-testing -website

Becoming a tester on Loop11 you’ll need to take a sample test that requires you to record your webcam, screen, and mic. Yes, this is among the few sites which also need a webcam. 

Loop11 seems far more exclusive than a number of the other sites I have listed, and they also assert to pay more and offer opportunities and bonuses to high-quality workers. 


Userbrain-Website testing apps

UserBrain permits you to test web sites on your computer, iPad or iPhone. They record your screen and mic through tests utilizing their Chrome extension or iOS application. 

As soon as you take a short sample test (took me ten minutes) and are approved, you’ll start getting paid tests. The tests pay $3 each that is lower than some other sites, but UserBrain tests are also shorter. 

Once you make $10 you can cash out through PayPal. 


TestBirds is a software-testing -website

TestBirds is a software testing website sort of akin to UTest. They’ve conducted over 1,500 tests and discovered bugs. 

Among the things that stands out about TestBirds is the pay, for a normal usability test you’ll earn 20 euros (nearly $25USD), and that is only the start. For each bug you discover you can earn money. 

TestBirds also provides free instruction to make you a much better tester so that you can earn money. 

My Final Thoughts 
The fact that you might get paid to test web sites and applications from home with no experience is magnificent. It’s honestly one of my ways to make an extra buck that is fast on-line. 

It’s fun, you get to improve web sites and applications with your feedback so it’s actually productive, and getting paid $10 for 10-20 minutes of work is great in my books. 

If you’re a beginner seeking to get started testing web sites, I really recommend trying out user testing. 

In addition, remember to follow these guidelines I mentioned above! 

Note this
Apply to as many sites as you can for testing opportunities 
Provide feedback to improve your tester rating 
Take benefit of the free training 
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