Companies Providing Work From Home Nurses Jobs

When you know about what nurses are into, your belief most likely goes to straight to patient care. If you are a nurse, you might think that your direct care experience won’t be helpful in seeking a job that allows you to work from home. Fortunately, work from home nursing jobs is available and rapidly growing.

The majority of these works from home nurses vacancy engage telephone-type patient service and reviewing of medical records.

The companies listed will provide you with a great starting position to commence your search for these types of jobs.

Companies Providing Work From Home Nurses Jobs


the insurance company has several positions that let you work from home. Some of their nursing vacancies need you to be RN, but others give LPN or LVNs. They give their workers continuing training, the opportunity to work towards extra certifications, and a refund for licensing fees.

Anthem, previously WellPoint, is another growing health company. You can land on some of their work from home nursing jobs can be found on their website tab Membership & Enrollment

Best Doctors.

Their experts evaluate medical records to give another opinion to the patient to decide which treatment alternative to taking.


Provides pharmacy assistance in the form of management that do their finding to maintain healthcare costs downward through maximizing communication involving patients, caregivers, pharmacists, and their members in the medical team.

The largest part of their vacancies for nurses requires a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and over and over again the ability to obtain licensed in several states.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts, works with mail-order pharmacy, have to work from home jobs available for nurses, pharmacy, customer service, as well as other professions.

Humana is an insurance company that employs its personnel from U.S.A and UK.



wisegeek Hire telemetry nurses who monitor, record and interpret data of patient’s vital signs. He or she also gives patient care, educates patients about their conditions, medication.

the nurses use diverse types of technology to screen patients’ blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, how they breathe, and heart activity, among other things. They also document and interpret the data from the monitors, and use it to evaluate a patient’s time of recovery or to assist doctors to decide treatment methods.

The Hartford provides a range of insurance products and services. They give work from home jobs to nurses.

UnitedHealth Group is a health insurance company with several works from home nurses’ jobs. Search for the word telecommuting career from their website it will provide you with about over ten pages of open positions.

These companies listed below also employs the services of work from home nurses. When a patient calls, the nurse listens to their concerns and symptoms which help them to know if they should wait and meet a doctor or seek medical care immediately.





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